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What can't be put in the freezer?
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      The suitable storage temperature for cabbage, celery, onion and carrot is about 0 degrees Celsius.
      The suitable storage temperature for cucumber, eggplant and tomato is between 7.2 and 10 degrees Celsius.
      Pumpkin is suitable for storage at more than 10 C.
      Tomatoes frozen at low temperature, the flesh is blister-like, appear soft rot, or cracking phenomenon, the surface of black spots, cooked immature, tasteless, serious rot.
      If bananas are stored below 12 C, bananas will become black and rotten.
      If litchi is placed in the environment at 0 degrees Celsius for a day, the skin will turn black and flesh will taste bad.
      Chocolate chocolate in the refrigerator after refrigeration, once removed, at room temperature conditions will be on the surface of a layer of white frost, very easy to mold deterioration, loss of original flavor.
      If the ham is stored in the refrigerator at low temperature, the water in it will freeze, fat will precipitate, the ham meat caked or loose, meat flavor, very easy to spoil.
      During the baking process, the amylose portion of the flour has aged, which is why bread has a flexible and soft structure. With the practice of preventing singing, the amylose part of the bread chain slowly associates, and the soft bread gradually hardens, the phenomenon is called "aging". The rate of aging is related to temperature. In low greenhouse hardening faster, bread in the refrigerator Chinese medicine than in the room temperature hardening faster, so if the short-term storage of bread should be placed at room temperature, to prevent the bread hardening.
      Traditional Chinese medicine should not be put in the refrigerator. If the medicinal materials are put in the refrigerator for a long time and mixed with other foods, not only are the bacteria easy to invade the medicinal materials, but also are susceptible to dampness, destroying the medicinal properties of the medicinal materials. Inside the glass bottle, then put in some glutinous rice and stir-fry it until dark yellow. After cooling, put it in the glass bottle. Seal the lid tightly and place it in a cool and ventilated place.
      Don't put the leftovers in the refrigerator. The moon cakes are made from flour, oil, sugar and nuts and baked. Baked goods are not suitable for storage in refrigerators. Although for some types of moon cakes, refrigeration can prolong their shelf life, but still affect its flavor. This is because the starch in the mooncake raw materials after baking, and become soft, and at low temperatures, the starch will precipitate water, become aging (that is, "regeneration"), so that the moon cake hardened, taste bad.
      Moon cakes with less oil and moisture, such as the red and white moon cakes from old Beijing, harden more obviously. Putting them in the low temperature and humid environment of refrigerators, not only will they harden quickly, but also easy to mold. But for Cantonese style moon cakes, its oil content is high and its flour is small, and its taste changes will be relatively small.
      Fish in refrigerators should not be stored for too long. The refrigeration temperature of household refrigerators is generally - 15 C, and the best refrigerators can only reach - 20 C. When the storage temperature of aquatic products, especially fish, is below - 30 C, the tissues of fish will dehydrate or change. If crucian carp is refrigerated for a long time, the acidity of fish will easily appear. The meat quality changes and is not edible. Therefore, the fish stored in the refrigerator should not be too long.

      Frozen food should not be stored again after thawing. Frozen food bought from the market, such as meat, fish, chicken, duck, eggs and quick-frozen vegetables, should be processed and eaten as soon as possible after thawing. If the storage time is too long, meat, fish, chickens, ducks and so on will be restored because of the activity of bacteria and enzymes, not only can quickly reproduce and decompose protein causing deterioration, but also can produce toxic histamine substances, people eat can cause food poisoning; frozen vegetables stored for too long, not only color change, nutritional loss, quality decline, and It is also very easy to decay, and can not be eaten. When frozen meat, fish, chicken and duck are frozen, their tissues and cells are destroyed because of the crystallization of water. Once thawed, the destroyed tissues and cells will exude a large amount of protein and become the nutrients for bacterial reproduction. Experiments show that the decay rate of fresh blue-and-white fish frozen for 1 day is twice as fast as that of fresh fish when they are kept at 30 C for 6 hours; the number of bacteria increases about 2 times when the frozen yolk is kept at 18 C for 2 hours; the number of bacteria increases more than 50 times after 8 hours; the frozen fresh eggs are kept at 0 15 C for more than 10 days Because the change time of the cold and hot temperatures is too long, not only the egg membrane becomes loose and the egg white is thin, but also the egg shell is sticky, loose yellow, even mildew and odor, and can not be eaten; frozen vegetables, especially in hot days, are not suitable for storage, otherwise green leafy vegetables will soon turn yellow, vitamin C is also easy to be destroyed. When vegetables are placed at 20 C, the decomposition of vitamin C is more than 2 times than that at 6~8 C.

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