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Fault detection methods and treatment measures for beer draught machine
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The trouble encountered by a beer machine generally includes the following:
The draft beer machine does not refrigerate, the draft beer machine is noisy, the compressor does not work, the compressor does not stop, the compressor starts and stops frequently, the tap does not let out the wine, the distributor air intake place may air, but the vertical upward outlet does not drink, the pressure regulating valve vertical upward pressure gauge pointer continues to rise, leading to the safety valve automatic discharge pressure, and so on.
There are many reasons for these failures, some are simple and some are complex.
Maintenance, troubleshooting methods are also difficult and different, some staff members can handle their own, but others are required to resort to professional maintenance personnel.
Whether it is difficult or easy to break down, when you encounter a beer machine problem, you must carefully check, timely troubleshooting. After all, the beer draught machine is the last procedure for the arrival of fresh beer to the customers.
Abnormal phenomenon 1: the beer making machine is not refrigerant.
Cause analysis 1: line fault
Elimination: Open the lower right ventilation net cover, the compressor side of the fan is working, touch the compressor by hand, if the compressor does not vibrate that compressor line is a problem, need to ask electrical maintenance personnel to check the line
Caution: personnel with electrical maintenance qualification must be carried out.
Cause analysis two: compressor failure
Elimination: Open the lower right ventilation net cover, compressor side of the fan is working, hand touch the compressor, if there are problems or compression failure
Attention: The fan should be working during the inspection, otherwise the inspection is invalid, and the maintenance of refrigeration appliances by qualified personnel is necessary.
Cause analysis three: refrigerant shortage
Elimination: Open the top cover, open the beer machine, squeeze the evaporator tube with your hand, if you feel no refrigeration on the tube, indicating insufficient refrigerant
Note: confirm the compressor is working, maintenance personnel must have refrigeration electrical appliances maintenance qualification.
Cause analysis four: condenser fin fins are dusty, resulting in no normal heat dissipation.
Troubleshooting: open the front ventilation net cover and brush the dust on the fins with a brush.
Caution: no metal brush or blunt tool should be used to touch the fins.
Cause analysis five: condenser failure, unable to heat dissipation
Troubleshooting: open the right ventilation net cover on the lower right, and the fan on the side of the compressor is not working.
Matters needing attention: maintenance personnel who need refrigeration electrical maintenance qualification.
Cause analysis six: thermostat failure, unable to connect the power supply.
Elimination: Turn the thermostat knob to the highest gear, the compressor or compressor side of the fan is not working
Cause Analysis 7: The unreasonable position of beer draft machine leads to the space of the radiator is not enough, and the heat can not be fully distributed.
Method of elimination: check whether there is room for 40cm in the upper and lower parts of the beer machine.
Caution: not placed in a sealed cabinet.
Abnormal phenomenon two: beer machine noise big
Cause analysis: noise caused by the work of a draught machine.
Elimination: Listening in a quiet environment, belongs to the fan-driven air flow sound, belongs to the normal phenomenon, without maintenance
Cause analysis two: noise caused by problems in parts and components
Elimination: Listen in a quiet environment, the sound of metal or plastic friction and impact can determine the parts have problems, find out the noise source
Reason analysis three: the beer beer machine is placed unevenly.
Elimination method: readjusting the position of the draught machine.
Cause analysis four: screw nuts of compressor, fan, condenser and so on.
Troubleshooting: tighten screws and nuts.
Abnormal phenomenon three: compressor does not work
Analysis of causes: low power supply voltage
Troubleshooting: check the supply voltage and install the power supply stabilizer.
Cautions: maintenance of electrical maintenance personnel
Cause analysis two: Burnout of compressor motor winding
Troubleshooting: checking / replacing motor windings
Matters needing attention: maintenance personnel who need refrigeration electrical maintenance qualification.
Cause analysis three: starter and protector burn down
Troubleshooting: replace protectors.
Cause analysis four: compressor running parts stuck.
Troubleshooting: check / repair compressor
Cause analysis five: the temperature adjustment switch is not set.
Troubleshooting: check the regulating switch.
Precautions: need beer draught machine operator maintenance.
Abnormal phenomenon four: compressor does not stop.
Cause analysis: the temperature inside the machine is not adjustable, and the sensor and thermostat are in bad contact or damage.
Troubleshooting: re fixing / replacing sensors or thermostat.

Matters needing attention: maintenance personnel who need refrigeration electrical maintenance qualification.

Abnormal phenomenon five: compressor starts and stops frequently
Cause analysis 1: condenser fan does not turn.
Troubleshooting: fan motor shaft loss of oil, need refueling; motor winding burned, need to be replaced.
Cause analysis two: compressor winding short circuit
Troubleshooting: check / replace compressor.
Matters needing attention: maintenance personnel who need refrigeration electrical maintenance qualification.
Abnormal phenomenon six: faucets fail to produce wine.
Cause analysis 1: there is foreign matter blockage in the wine pipe line.
Elimination method: Observe the distributor vertical upward wine hose, if there is wine flow to the beer machine and no wine flow to the wine column beer machine, indicating that the beer pipe in the beer machine is blocked, need to remove the beer pipe in the beer machine, with high-pressure gas blown out the blockage in the tube to clean up, if not removed, replace the beer. The wine pipe in the machine.
If there is a flow of wine to the beer pitcher and the beer pitcher to the wine column, indicating a section of the tap mouth blocked, the tap need to be removed, with high-pressure gas reverse blown out of the wine pipe blockage to clean up, if not removed, will replace the beer pitcher to the tap part of the pub.
Cause analysis two: ice storage layer will freeze the beer pipe.
Elimination: If frozen, the thermostat gear will be lowered, then talk about the beer machine ice water out of part, pour into normal temperature water, melt part of the ice storage.
If the stall of the thermostat is lowered, then the ice storage layer can not be controlled.
Abnormal phenomena seven:
The distributor inlet can be inflow, while the vertical upward outlet can not produce liquor.
Cause analysis: the gasket joint and outlet gasket are reversed.
Exclusion: The intake is a duck-billed one-way intake of transparent silica gel, the outlet is a flat gasket. If they are not exchanged according to the above installation, they can be exchanged.
Abnormal phenomena eight:
The vertical upward pressure gauge pointer keeps rising, resulting in automatic relief valve.
Cause analysis 1: dust inside the pressure regulating valve causes internal unsealing.
Exclusive method: close the total valve and the small valve of the cylinder. Turn the pressure regulating knob counterclockwise until the knob loosening does not resist the components inside the regulator. Remove the pressure regulator from the cylinder, unscrew the black cap counterclockwise with a wrench, then turn the plug counterclockwise out, and blow the dust off the valve body and small parts with gas. Re adjust and tighten the pressure regulating valve according to the order of disassembly.
Cause analysis two: the small parts of the pressure regulating valve are damaged.
Elimination: The pressure regulator valve internal parts damage, the need to re-purchase internal parts can be replaced.
Notes: When disassembling, be sure to remember the positive and negative sides, position, sequence and steps of the parts installation, and if necessary, keep the image.

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