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How to break the noise of convenience store freezer?
Post time:2018-07-15   Hits:1141
      At present, the National hot weather is booming, convenient shops are the selling season of all kinds of cold drinks. But if the freezer does not give the buzz noise at this time, customer satisfaction will be greatly reduced, and may even affect business. Shopkeepers do not panic. Listen to little cold brother to take care of them.
1. check whether there are items at the top.
If there are items on the top of the refrigerator in the convenience store, the items placed on the top of the refrigerator will resonate with the motor when it starts, thus making noise. Remove the top of the freezer, so that it does not produce resonance, and the noise is naturally eliminated.
2. Check whether the ground is stable. If we find that the sound of refrigerators in convenience stores is too loud, we must check whether the refrigerators are placed smoothly. If they are not stable and the ground is uneven, the refrigerators may be very loud during operation.
3. Check whether there is ice in the refrigerator if it is not on the ground. Check if there is ice in the refrigerator. If there is thick ice in the refrigerator, it will also affect the normal work of the refrigerator and produce a certain sound. So please pay attention to cleaning the ice in the refrigerator.
4. Compressor problems, if you are sure that the above are not the cause, we must check whether there is a problem with the compressor, compressor failure, we do not want to disassemble, should be promptly after-sales customer service contact, so that professional personnel to deal with, because we do not understand these electrical knowledge, may be disassembled when Damage other internal parts.
      We do encounter a lot of problems when using the refrigerators in convenience stores. If we have a Haier commercial refrigerator, it will save a lot of trouble.

1, Convenience stores usually have limited space, and Haier commercial refrigerator agile cabinet cleverly designed for narrow cabinet, save space, effectively improve the use of convenience store space; 

2, For dairy products and other commodities, temperature is the key to its quality. The air curtain design of Haier commercial refrigerator smart cabinet can effectively obstruct the external air and enhance the fresh-keeping effect.

3, and twenty-first Century is the most precious time. The special defrosting design of Haier commercial refrigerator smart cabinet saves time and effort and saves energy.
4, summer is the peak power consumption of freezer. Haier commercial refrigerator smart cabinet efficient energy-saving fan, can effectively reduce energy consumption, save energy and save electricity!

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